Enjoy the shopping malls and markets of Curitiba shopping

Curitiba shopping is unique in terms of the amazing experience that individual travellers can have in the city centre. Like the rest of Brazil, the shopping area is far cheaper than any shopping centre in the United States and there are most definitely bargains to be had. However, unlike elsewhere in the world, you do not have to search for them. The Curitiba shopping is presented to you in various guises, thus giving a great shopping experience as well as a sample of modern life in Brazil.

Before you even attempt Curitiba shopping, you should familiarize yourself with the layout of the city. The majority of stores and markets are in the Centro district and thus this is the only place you need ever know when it comes to Curitiba shopping. There is a map available that details all of the streets in the Centro district, and thus allowing you to see the location of the stores, at http://www.curitiba-brazil.com/map-center.htm. It is perhaps the most detailed may you will find and is completely free. As a result, you have your first bargain!

An essential element of Curitiba shopping is the Feira do Largo da Ordem, or Largo da Ordem Street Fair. It is open from 9am until 2pm every single Sunday and makes a lovely change to the mall in Curitiba Brazil. It is open air so you can stroll around at your leisure without missing the sunshine. You can find almost anything there, including parana fashion, Curitiba gemstones, Brazil furniture Curitiba-made, Curitiba Brazil leather equipment, crafts, arts and much more. Nothing there is expoensive. The most you will pay for any given item is around $30, and even this price is the exception to the rule!

There are also five massive shopping malls in Curitiba shopping: Mueller, Estação, Curitiba, Crystal and Park Barigüi. There is to ba a sixth mall in Curitiba Brazil opened ion 2008 called the Shopping Palladium. The Mueller is one of the best shopping malls, and can be found at Av. Cândido de Abreu, 127. However, there are other areas for shopping too.

The Rua das Flores s the home of the majority of stores in Curitiba, and this is so for a very good reason. The area is pedestrianized, meaning that there are no cars around the centre. The only transport that can access the centre is the bus, because Brazilian individuals are indeed looking to individuals to become more environmentally friendly, as well as making the customers that frequent the shops feel safer!

Regardless of the mode of shopping you consider, or whether you actually sample it or not, Curitiba shopping is a force not be reckoned with!

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