Curitiba brazil crime and precautions

Curitiba Brazil crime does exist, in spite of the local belief that Curitiba is the “best city in the world.” There is in Curitiba poverty, crime and prostitution. In the Curitiba slums, or squatter settlements, over half of the population is illiterate.
In spite of the Curitiba Brazil crime and safety issues, there are many positive social investment movements that have been put in place by local government and given massive support from the local population.
Typically for a South American city, Curitiba has seen a massive population growth over the past 50-odd years. This is hardly a recipe for sustainable development, but a social report of Curitiba is surprisingly encouraging.
Jaime Lerner, three times elected mayor of Curitiba, was a key person who implemented many social improvements, including:

Prostitution is unfortunately common in Curitiba, Curitiba brazil escort services may be referred to as acompanhantes Curitiba or Curitiba garota de programa. While HIV is at relatively stable levels, and there is good awareness generally, it is essential to be extremely careful when it comes to sexually transmitted diseases in Curitiba, as with all cities in Latin America.

Curitiba Brazil crime that you need to be wary of is mainly street crime, particularly at night. Try to appear confident rather than touristy, which will make you stand out as vulnerable to a pick pocket or mugger. Rather than standing on the street looking at your map as though lost, it’s better to check your directions in the safe haven of a café or a shop. Curitiba Brazil crime is mainly centered around the bus terminal and the squares in the downtown city. The historic city center is also one of the Curitiba unsafe neighborhoods at night.

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