Go crazy loco with the carnival Curitiba!

Carnival Curitiba is unique and, as a result, extremely different from the carnivals held elsewhere in the country, and especially the ones that are so prevalent on any TV coverage of the carneval that occurs in Rio every single year! In fact, it is a running joke within the Brazilian towns that individuals actually go to Curitiba to try and get away from the fun and frivolities of everywhere else! Carnival Curitiba is in fact non-existent in terms of the way that it is done elsewhere!

If you like the quiet life and hate massive crowds then carnival Curitiba would definitely be the way to go for you. The carnival in Curitiba that does occur every year, in March to be precise to coincide with the Rio de Janeiro carneval, consists of a small celebration on the coast. The beaches that are an hour away via car in Parangua host the miniature carnival Curitiba celebrations. There is usually traditional Brazilian food like Felijoado, their special hotdogs and a variety of salads on offer from stalls. The revellers will usually dance the samba and mingle before heading home after the party in the early hours of the morning. The carnival Curitiba offers is therefore out of the town and gives those that do not wish to attend a break!

However, there are also carnaval celebrations taking place within the clubs in the city at the same time so if you do not want to go to the beach or cannot safely get there and back then you can always just head to one of the clubs. Three clubs are renowned for their carnival Curitiba celebrations – Santa Monica, Parana and Curitibancos. They are all located within easy distance of the Centro area and thus are easily accessible regardless of where you are staying

All three of the clubs participating in carnival Curitiba encourage revellers to wear fancy dress in the masquerade vein, thus you would be wearing a mask as well as enjoying yourself! The costumes are readily available from most of the cheaper clothes stores and can be hired out from a variety of shops within the Mueller mall, as well as smaller independent ones in the weeks leading up to the celebrations for less than $20 for the night. The locals are welcoming and the samba music is enticing so carnival Curitiba will no doubt have you dancing the night away in style!

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